Dysonna- Donna Dyson is proud to present her book release of Art Dyson Pioneer in Black Hair care and founder of Soul Scissors

In a fast moving world of beauty, Author Donna Dyson gives readers a glimpse of the real world behind the pioneer of Black hair care and founder of Soul Scissors.

Growing up, watching and living the dream her father accomplished she saw the lifestyle and the challenges Art Dyson her father went through.

The book about Art Dyson encourages one to take a second look at his life and how he pushed through and challenged hair care companies to change the way they formulated products for African Americans. Also he challenged the Black industry to change the way they did hair. He had the opportunity to be the founder of a multimillion-dollar chain of salons across the world. In which he founded and made it happen customer-by-customer and salon-by-salon in ten years.


Donna Dyson is a likened cosmetologist for 32 years and proud Owner of Dysonna Hair Studio for 28 years, and Dysonna City Art Gallery for 3 years and more…

Donna Dyson started in the hair business thanks to her father, Art Dyson, who revolutionized the treatment of African-American hair. Ms. Dyson then continued her next adventure with the Dysonna Magazine, which ran for 11 years, and featured many stars such as Forrest Whittaker, Billy Dee Williams, Eartha Kitt and more.

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The Life Of Art Dyson

The life of Art Dyson and creation of Soul Scissors.

How it all began

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